6 Feb 2012

My TTC Journey...

You're always on my mind...
From the time i wake up
Til i close my eyes
October 2008
Married to DH-long distance marriage(DH in S'gor, me in Phg)

January 2009
Started TTC

July 2009
Started BBT

May 2010
1st appt with OBGYN

June 2010
DH SA - perfect result (private lab in Shah Alam)
Clomid attempt #1 - 50mg(Day2-6)
Follicle tracking - only 1 egg- Normal BFN

July 2010
Clomid attempt #2 - 100mg(Day2-6)
No follicle tracking -Normal BFN

September 2010
Clomid attempt #3 - 100mg(Day2-6)
Follicle tracking - only 1 egg - Normal BFN
Requested for blood test & HSG- rejected by OBGYN(assumed just an ordinary hormonal prob)

January 2011
Changed to Shah Alam LPPKN (Family planning)
(Dr Ismail Thamby)
Done - HSG (query left blockage, right- OK, size-OK)
Done - Bloodtest came back normal
Done - repeat SA (poor result <10mil, low motility, morphology prob)- found out that result from previous lab was wrong
DH is advised to quit smoking, change to boxer and take Tongkat Ali supplement(asian ginseng)

April 2011
Repeat SA - worse than previous result
Mild varicocele bilaterally
DH continued Tongkat Ali supplement

July 2011
Repeat SA - got improvement with motility and morphology, count still low
Advised to go for IUI
Transfered case to Jln Raja Laut LPPKN for IUI
Will call LPPKN for IUI consultation when readied

September 2011
Clomid attempt #4 - 50mg (Day3-7)
No follicle tracking

Went to Manarah Islamic Treatment Center in Kuang, S'gor

October 2011
BFP!!! 27/10/2011 @ 3rd year of anniversary

November 2011
Beta hcg - did not double
Query ectopic - warded for 1 day
6 wks - only gest sac seen
10wks - sac collapsed, blighted ovum
Advised for S&C, waited
Asked for 2nd opinion in KSH-same result

December 2011
Agreed to proceed with S&C
30/12/2011 ERPOC @ 12wks & 5 days

February 2012
1/2/2012 1st menses after mc

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